Rangeeli Shaam DVDs!


Our tenth annual Rangeeli Shaam was a great success! Now, own the memories of that great night on DVD!


"I enjoyed every second of it!" - Abdul Narayan D'Souza

The regular retail value of this DVD is $49.99. But through this special blog offer, you can buy it for only 5 easy payments of $1 (so.. $5 total). That’s right folks, this is the deal of the year! And Intandesh’s first fundraiser! Please support us, so we can continue to bring high caliber shows to you for your viewing pleasure.

Intandesh DVDs go on sale August 10th, 2009. Time and location, TBA. Stay tuned!

Reserve your copy today! Email intandesh@gmail.com with your name and contact information.


Updates for the Rest of the Week


There will be a general meeting today at the regular time and place (5:30PM; Shappell Lounge). There will also be a mandatory skit practice immediately following the general meeting. If you’re in one of the three skits for the show, please stick around.

Also, Global Games is on Friday, from 4-6pm, on the Kennedy Lawn (between Swig, Kennedy Hall, and Benson). Come out and help Intandesh win bragging rights! This event is sponsored by the MCC. It’s also a great way to meet new people, and gain a better feel for what the MCC’s about.

More updates to come. Stay tuned.