Gandhi: A Man of Change


Our first club meeting was a HUGE success and we’re so thankful for all of you who came out to see what amazing things we have in store for our lovely Intandesis this school year.

A mere 5 days (and 144 years) ago, a leader was born. I may sound like an overly dramatic TV commercial, but I kid you not, this guy was the bomb. While I highly doubt those around at the time of his birth took one look at this newborn and said “Yep, he’s the future of India,” there is no doubt that Mahatma Gandhi grew to be a truly awe-inspiring individual. Gandhi was both a political and spiritual leader and was at the forefront of the Indian Independence Movement. Although a nationalist leader, he promoted fighting against the oppressive using non-violent tactics and the practice of Satyagraha. Bapu, as he was lovingly referred to, is to this day, considered the Father of India. He may have been born into a nation ruled by the British Empire but he died in a nation that had won back its freedom thanks, in part, to his tremendous work.

Bapu possessed leadership qualities that many of us hope to exhibit. Willpower. Determination. Peace. Love. And many more. What qualities do you feel make an effective leader?

Discovering the leaders within us all,


Disclaimer: The joking manner in which I blog is in no way meant to downgrade Gandhi Ji’s life and accomplishments or to disrespect the man himself. It is simply my way of blogging. I truly apologize if this post offended anyone in any way, shape, or form.


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