Where’s Your Inspiration?


Before I begin… WELCOME BACK BRONCOS!!! School is now in session 🙂

So this blog, as you may have noticed from the name … cough.. Intandesh Inspirations.. cough is about us (Intandesh) showing you (the follower) what we find inspirational and hoping that, through our words, you may find some inspiration. I sincerely hope that these blogs we create for your reading pleasure each week do inspire something within you. I’ve found that, as I write them, I learn something new as well. But you know what? I wanna know more, needy as I am.

Personally, I find inspiration in quotes. As you may have discovered by now, I have acquired a never-ending list of them and share them every moment I can get. Lucky you 😀 I’ve found that people find inspiration in a multitude of different places. And they might not even realize it when said inspiration strikes. Along with quotes, I have absolutely fallen in love with spoken word poetry. One of my all time favorite spoken word poets is Sarah Kay. The first time I watched her perform her poem, “Should I have a daughter”, I was hooked. If you haven’t already, I would recommend checking her out here. I guess you can say that I find inspiration from words. There is just something so powerful about what an individual can do with some simple words. What amazes me is that I can practically pinpoint the moment where the inspiration-striking began. But I hadn’t realized at that moment that this would be something that could potentially change my life or my way of thinking. Who knows, maybe it’s the same case for one of you?

So where do YOU find your inspiration? Is it a hobby? A person? A class? A billboard? Dare I even believe, a blog? Tell us what inspires you in the comments below!

“Inspiration is everywhere and often in unexpected places. You just have to keep your eyes open.” – Unknown

Finding inspiration anywhere & everywhere,



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