Now, usually, I’m not big on chain mail. I see that “Fwd:….” in the subject line and automatically delete it. But I recently received a chain mail that really spoke to me. There wasn’t much in it, just this simple picture.

The quote is what I felt is incredibly important. Situations such as these remind us of how much we truly have in the world. Many of us, myself included, are guilty of rushing through life and not really stopping to realize what is going on around us. We complain about the smallest things. “I don’t get paid enough.” “My car is a piece of junk.” But, we don’t think of those who don’t have that which we take for granted. Children such as the little girl shown in the picture above are all alone in the world. The only thing they want is a mother to comfort and love them. People all over the world live in such poverty that they are lucky if they get even one bite to eat a day. There are literally millions of stories similar to the one above.

So, which societal drawback/need do you feel is important? Is there a charity or organization that you are an advocate for? Do you have strong ties to a specific non-profit? Tell us what societal dilemma you’re passionate about bringing to light in the comments below!

Appreciating a bit more,



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