Jaison’s Bio Continued…


Once upon a time, there was a young Malayali  _________________ by the name of Jaison. Jaison dreamed one day being an famous and influential __________.
                                                     (1. insert person, animal, or inanimate object)                                                             (2.insert type of person, animal, or inanimate object)         

Although Jaison was strong, smart, and handsome enough to be a _________________ ,there was one problem: he didn’t know how to  _________________
                                                                                            (word used in #2)                                                                           (3. action)
All of his life Jaison tried his hardest to  _________________ , but he always ended up frustrated and  _________________. Then one day, while Jaison was updating his twitter status, a
                                                        (action used in #3)                                                                (adjective)

wonderful idea came across his mind. In order to become a famous and influential _________________, he would make a  _________________ that could _________________for him! He                                                                                                                    (word used in #2)                                  (4.noun)                               (verb that describes #3 action)

would never have to worry about feeling embarrassed and _________________could never call him a_________________     _________________again!
                                                                                 (person we all know)                                          (adjective)                            (noun)
But while Jaison was making his new _________________, he forgot to turn off the _________________. All of a sudden Jaison started to feel _________________ and soon passed out
                                                      (noun used in #4)                                                (noun)                                                                    (adjective)
on the _________________. When he woke up he saw all of his friends around him._________________said, “Jaison you didn’t need to do this! We already think you are the most
              (location)                                                                                            (person we all know)

_________________and _________________ _________________ ever! You would make a great ________________ just the way you are!
         (adjective)                         (adjective)        (word used in #1)                                                 (word used in #2)

The End.


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