Rachel K. Bio


  In her previous lifetime, Rachel, who was then known as Radha Rani, was a very popular Indian Vocal/Sitar artist. Though she liked the attention and glory that came with her natural talent, what she really wanted was to learn about American culture. She wanted… to be White. But no amount of bleaching could quite do the trick… And cosmetic surgery was very primative to say the least.

  She wanted to be white so much, her obsession consumed her. She became depressed and stopped singing, which made everyone that loved her voice, even more depressed. With the increase in individual depression, productivity within the nation came to a grinding halt. This eventually caused a recession, where many business had to lay off workers. Workers without jobs could barely support their families, their children and elderly. There was one person in particular who had a sick father that needed medicine. Obviously he couldn’t buy medicine without money, but he was smart enough to realize the true cause of the recession.  And he had a remedy.

 (tune in next week to find out this mystery dude really has a remedy… and if he can solve Radha’s depression)


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