Board Member Profile (Con’t from Newsletter)


     A long long time a legendary warrior was born in Badalandapur Rajasthan.
Often referred to as ‘the scourge of god’, he was the deadliest, the
most feared and most revered warrior of all time (yes even more than
Achilles himself), and his name was Siddharth Mangal Parmar. They say he
was born with abilities transcending anything humanly possible. It is
believed that he mastered all forms of martial arts and weaponry within
two months of birth. Contrary to popular belief, it was not Adam and Eve
but Siddharth and Evinder who populated the earth . Together the two had
10 children who later came to be known as the Sun, Mars, Venus, Earth,
Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune and mercury (This also rids
scientist of the big bang theory). When Sid’s youngest son Pluto was no
longer considered a planet, he was enraged and moved to America to ruin
the American so as to avenge his son and very much succeeded in doing
     A famous quote “Two is not equal to half a million”-Siddharth Mangal
     Sid has also won the noble prize for being the “coolest man” alive, and
topped the Forbes list of Eligible Bachelors. YES HE HAS!! Despite being
a ruthless, cold blooded warrior, his quick witted replies, funny facial
expressions, and world-famous punch line “Calm down Jaanu”, have won him
many admirers. Yes Sid, even though you know not, you have a huge fan
base. And no, its not all guys!!

In the wild

– Anirudh Rao ’12 & Anuj Khosla ’12


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